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Optimize content before publishing

Hacker-AI lets marketing teams and publishers pretest messages before go-live by using a simple user interface 🚀

Free Hacker News title optimizer

This free tool uses machine learning and natural language processing to predict the success of Hacker News titles. We update the prediction model weekly with new data. Try it out 👇

Title A
Title B

How to get started

1. Connect

Contact us and let's briefly discuss your case and objectives.

2. Data collection

We collect the needed data for your use case.

3. Prediction model creation

We use our algorithms to create a prediction model that is customised for your case.

4. Test

We let you know when your custom AI tool is ready. Your team can log in and test the tool.

5. Drive!

If you are happy, you can continue using the tool with a monthly fee.

Want to get started?

Just send us a message and we'll get back to you!

Meet the Developer

Ideas, questions, feedback? Don't be a stranger.


Kimmo Ihanus

Growth Hacker. Developer of Hacker-AI. Co-Founder at

Kimmo has over 10 years of experience helping all size companies and growth teams reach top results with AI and data. Kimmo has been using Hacker-AI's approach in various growth projects to make marketing teams more efficient and increase the impact of marketing messages.